Jammed between Fitzroy and Richmond, Collingwood is the grimy edge of the hipster parts of town, with plenty of back street pubs and small industry.

Collingwood is one of the oldest suburbs in Melbourne and is bordered by Smith St, Alexandra Parade, Hoddle St. and Victoria Parade. The suburb is named after Baron Collingwood, a famous British admiral.

Collingwood is notable for its historical buildings, with many 19th century dwellings, shops and factories still in use.

Get in

  • Tram 86 runs along Gertrude Street (the main east-west thoroughfare in the area) and Smith Street. In the City Centre, it can be caught along Bourke Street. The two end stations for this line are the Telstra Dome in the Docklands, and RMIT Bundoora campus.
  • Bikes are the best way to get around a large part of the three inner city hubs of Collingwood, Fitzroy and Richmond. While the tram is quicker in a in and out manner, to get from one to the other, bikes are the way to go.

Collingwood Attractions

The suburb is notable for its historical buildings, with many 19th century dwellings, shops and factories still in use. From its early days large commercial buildings often coexisted with small dwellings occupied by working-class families, and that mixture of industry and community continues to the present time.

Collingwood has many buildings listed on the Victorian Heritage Register and several notable commercial and public buildings.

  • Foy & Gibson factory buildings - Oxford and Cambridge Streets are dominated by heritage-listed red-brick factories and warehouses formerly occupied by the Foy and Gibson company, but also feature a number of stone, brick and timber dwellings that date back to the earliest days of the suburb.
  • Yorkshire Brewery, built in 1880 to the design of James Wood with its polychrome brick and mansard roof tower was once Melbourne's tallest building. For many years it has been subject to development proposals and the heritage stables were at one stage demolished without a permit, however the site remains neglected.
  • The former Collingwood Post Office was built between 1891 and 1892 in the Victorian Mannerist style to the design of John Marsden is similar to Rupertswood with its tall tower.
  • Leinster Arms Hotel was established in 1865 and is the only single story hotel built in Melbourne in that era.
  • The ornate Collingwood Town Hall is an imposing building that was used until 1994 as the centre of local government for the City of Collingwood.

Other Attractions

  • Shop at factory outlets along the northern end of Smith St.