Prahran (pronounced “pruh-RAN”), also known colloquially as “Pran”, is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 5 km south-east from Melbourne's central business district.

Lying to the south of city centre, Prahran's main draw is Chapel Street, the charming street lined with shops, delicatessen, cafes and restaurants.

Chapel Street is a mix of upscale fashion shops and cafes. Along with the South Yarra section of Toorak Rd, it is a fashionable magnet for Melbourne's yuppie set. Greville Street, once the centre of the Melbourne's hippie community, has many cafes, bars, restaurants, bookstores, clothing shops and music shops.

The area of Prahran centred along Commercial Road is one of Melbourne's gay villages.

Prahran takes its name from Pur-ra-ran, a compound of two aboriginal words, meaning “land partially surrounded by water” in 1837 by George Langhorne. The proximity of the Yarra River and a swamp to the southwest - Albert Park Lake is the remnant - sheds light on that description.

Prahran Attractions

  • Chapel Street is famous for its street cafes, boutiques and op shops.
  • Prahran Market is the small version of the Victoria Markets. Locals love it and shop for fresh veggies, organic food, fish and delicatessen.


Renowned for being the shopping street in Melbourne, the best thing to do on Chapel St is shop!


Called ‘The Longest Catwalk in the Southern Hemisphere', shoppers can look on the street, as well as in the store, for the latest designs in men and womens clothing. Some of the better known stores include:

  • Alannah Hill, 533 Chapel St, South Yarra, 9826 2755. With designs ranging from ultra feminine to almost theatrical, Alannah Hill clothes still have mainstream appeal due to great cuts and good use of fabrics.
  • Chapel Bazaar, 217-223 Chapel St, Prahran, 9529 1727. Retro reigns supreme at this undercover market where stallholders sell off their trinkets and treasures.
  • Greville Records, 152 Greville St, Prahan, 9510 3012. Music lovers haven for specialised titles, tickets for concerts and great advice on the next big thing inmusic.
  • Cyberia, 579 Chapel St, Prahan, 9824 1339. Designer threads for the well heeled missers and misters.


  • Borsch, Vodka and Tears, 173 Chapel Street, Prahan, +61-3-9530-2694, [1]. Borsch, Vodka and Tears is a Polish vodka bar, serving quite a number of genuine Polish vodkas, a number of other vodkas and a reasonable amount of decidedly non-Polish absinthe. Ordering vodka in the slightly smaller tasting glasses is a comparitively economical way to drink.
  • BlueBar, 330 Chapel Street, Prahran, 9529 6499. With a hip, almost too cool for school clientele, BlueBar draws in its punters with a relaxed, chilled out vibe and a consisently busy crowd.
  • Electric Ladyland, 265 Chapel Street, Prahran, 9521 5757. The newest bar on the Chapel St block, Electric Ladyland has found its niche with a luxurious decor and an impressive selection of cocktails.

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