Phillip Island Little Penguins Parade Evening Tour

Take a Phillip Island evening tour from Melbourne and see the heartwarming phenomenon of these little penguins as they emerge from the surf and waddle to the safety of their dune burrows.

From your nearby vantage point you'll be able to watch the penguins feed their waiting young with the pilchards and anchovies they've caught.

The Phillip Island Little Penguins Parade Evening Tour leaves Melbourne in the late afternoon, following the Yarra River through the city to Melbourne's leafy eastern suburbs and on to Phillip Island.

You'll learn about Phillip Island's wildlife at the information center and at dusk see the little penguins (the smallest penguin species there is) leave the ocean to return to their sand dune burrows.

You'll also have the opportunity to see migratory shearwaters (muttonbirds) and other seabirds on the tour, and learn about the conservation and environmental issues involved in protecting Phillip Island's wildlife.


6 hours

Departs from

Melbourne, Australia